My FIRST Group Street Style Shoot!...

Oh, it is in time like these that I really really really learn to hate my camera and wish for a much better one. If you have no idea why I bring this up, then you must be blind because that blur is so annoying!

I spent about 3 hours at the mall on Sunday(yesterday) and 2 of the hours spent there were spent walking, talking, and working on my segment for the blog which will be unveiled tomorrow for sure. If I am not dead or in jail or saving the world because it so happens that I discover I am the real Superman by tomorrow, then I will be posting it! Thirty minutes of the last hour were spent sweating due to being nervous of asking people if I could take their picture. The last thirty were spent searching for people, but I couldn't find any since the mall was thirty minutes away from closing. I was lucky enough to get this awesome group of young adults. I address them this way because I really do not know their age..although I gave them my card so if any of you guys check my blog out...please let me know your age and maybe slip a name in here while you're at it! This was how I did it. I was walking, walking and walking some more. I was actually walking in circles and as I was walking back the way I had just came from, I found this group walking in front of me. First thought in my mind was, "I don't even care if I look creepy or anything, I'm just going to ask!" Walked past them and pretended to look back without knowing who was behind me, but I did know. So I asked them as they were passing by me and they were like, "UhhhhhhhUrrrrrrrrrrUmmmmmmmPssssshhhhhhhh(put it all together and that's kind of what it sounded) Sure(with a little bit of doubt)?" So I took their shot and they got on with their life.

Why is it that everyone reacts with doubt and weird when I ask if I can shoot them? Later on there was this one couple that I asked after this group and they told me, "NO!" I did not even get to finish my practiced 3 hour speech I give so that people can at least believe me that I am not a stalker! Did not even get to finish when the guy was like, "NO!" People have to relax a bit and be a bit more friendlier.

The reason why I chose this group? Both ladies looked amazing! I like how the lady on the right was wearing cowboy boots with high socks and shorts. That was what I was mainly attracted to with her ensemble. Then the lady on the left is wearing a wicked cool knitted scarf if I remember correctly. Her red flats also called my attention. The guy in the middle was one of the very few guys in the mall that I thought looked good when it came to his ensemble. Classic V-neck which I am a big fan of, but what I really liked was his jacker which was really cool due to all its small details. I cannot remember correctly and sadly this picture is not good enough, but I believe that it looked like a cross between a bomber jacket and one of those double breasted coats. Again, I am not too sure. Note to myself: Next time I shoot a group, shoot the group and try shooting each person individually!