Does "Jerkin" Ring A Bell?...

Has anyone heard of this "Jerkin" movement which is just becoming really popular? Well I am going to talk about this movement and my opinions on the subject, but if you do no know about this movement, I will acquaint you with it. I know you want to spend the least amount of time on this post, so I am asking you to simply watch JUST 30 SECONDS of the following video so that you get a really good idea of what I am talking about.

JUST 30 SECONDS(or more if you want)

Now that you have hopefully only spent 30 SECONDS of your time getting yourself familiarized with this "Jerkin" movement, I can begin.

Here is the negative criticism that this movement receives from many people. I know people who say the same negative comments about "jerkin." When "jerkin" is mentioned, the first thing that pops into people's heads is, "Skinny Jeans!" Not in a positive way, but in a negative way. Although not everyone says it in a negative way, but those who hate this way of life definitely refer to it in a negative way. The picture above pretty much gives a somewhat of a good example of what this "jerkin" movement is about. I think that they exaggerated the skinniness of the jeans and the fact that they say that this style only requires Vans sneakers. I also think that the stutter shades and plugs are another unnecessary and ignorant comment, but setting those details aside...the illustrator did a good job with this illustration. Guys are constantly saying that these guys who wear skinny jeans are "gay" because they wear skinny jeans and that if your jeans are skinnier than a womans, that is a bad sign. To me it's a lot of BS, but it's their opinions therefore I respect them and their opinions.

O.k. POSITIVE SIDE. This is me and my opinions.

Would you rather have(from a fashion forward point of view) kids wearing skinny jeans and plaid shirts or shirts or even tighter tee shirts OR would you rather have kids wearing extremely exaggeratedly enormous jeans(that would most likely slip off their dad if he decided to wear them) and tee shirts that could be worn as a long dress? 5...4...3...2...1...0. Times up!!! Have you made your choice? I certainly did! I choose option numero uno(number one)! Kids wearing skinny jeans and shirts or tighter tee shirts. So much for fashionable and better looking. It certainly makes a better first impression than option number two. Getting off the topic of fashion, they're technically working out just by doing all the crazy dance moves that they do. Even when it comes to being healthy it's a better choice! I know their colors can be crazy and out there and just in-your-face type of colors, but I love it so much more than the enormous clothing that kids even consider wearing on a daily basis. I have nothing against the people who wear enormous clothing by the way...I am just saying that I would so much rather have kids wearing skinny jeans.

Seriously? How do you prefer baggy clothing over THIS?

I would like to thank whoever came up with this "jerkin" movement, because it has certainly inspired many to improving their wardrobe and definitely stay healthy!

My FIRST Group Street Style Shoot!...

Oh, it is in time like these that I really really really learn to hate my camera and wish for a much better one. If you have no idea why I bring this up, then you must be blind because that blur is so annoying!

I spent about 3 hours at the mall on Sunday(yesterday) and 2 of the hours spent there were spent walking, talking, and working on my segment for the blog which will be unveiled tomorrow for sure. If I am not dead or in jail or saving the world because it so happens that I discover I am the real Superman by tomorrow, then I will be posting it! Thirty minutes of the last hour were spent sweating due to being nervous of asking people if I could take their picture. The last thirty were spent searching for people, but I couldn't find any since the mall was thirty minutes away from closing. I was lucky enough to get this awesome group of young adults. I address them this way because I really do not know their age..although I gave them my card so if any of you guys check my blog out...please let me know your age and maybe slip a name in here while you're at it! This was how I did it. I was walking, walking and walking some more. I was actually walking in circles and as I was walking back the way I had just came from, I found this group walking in front of me. First thought in my mind was, "I don't even care if I look creepy or anything, I'm just going to ask!" Walked past them and pretended to look back without knowing who was behind me, but I did know. So I asked them as they were passing by me and they were like, "UhhhhhhhUrrrrrrrrrrUmmmmmmmPssssshhhhhhhh(put it all together and that's kind of what it sounded) Sure(with a little bit of doubt)?" So I took their shot and they got on with their life.

Why is it that everyone reacts with doubt and weird when I ask if I can shoot them? Later on there was this one couple that I asked after this group and they told me, "NO!" I did not even get to finish my practiced 3 hour speech I give so that people can at least believe me that I am not a stalker! Did not even get to finish when the guy was like, "NO!" People have to relax a bit and be a bit more friendlier.

The reason why I chose this group? Both ladies looked amazing! I like how the lady on the right was wearing cowboy boots with high socks and shorts. That was what I was mainly attracted to with her ensemble. Then the lady on the left is wearing a wicked cool knitted scarf if I remember correctly. Her red flats also called my attention. The guy in the middle was one of the very few guys in the mall that I thought looked good when it came to his ensemble. Classic V-neck which I am a big fan of, but what I really liked was his jacker which was really cool due to all its small details. I cannot remember correctly and sadly this picture is not good enough, but I believe that it looked like a cross between a bomber jacket and one of those double breasted coats. Again, I am not too sure. Note to myself: Next time I shoot a group, shoot the group and try shooting each person individually!


The Beginning...

Well as you can probably notice, this is the beginning of our (Andrew and Michael's) street style blog. We have very high hopes for the future of our blog and we hope to meet them and even exceed them. This is a new adventure for the both of us. We have always been two very fashion consciencious individuals and we began to notice that not many people really appreciate the art of fashion and dressing in style. Many people just kind of throw on some clothes without really caring about how they look and we thought about how we could maybe change peoples ideas by starting our own fashion or street syle blog. Hopefully you will enjoy it and follow us in the future.