Does "Jerkin" Ring A Bell?...

Has anyone heard of this "Jerkin" movement which is just becoming really popular? Well I am going to talk about this movement and my opinions on the subject, but if you do no know about this movement, I will acquaint you with it. I know you want to spend the least amount of time on this post, so I am asking you to simply watch JUST 30 SECONDS of the following video so that you get a really good idea of what I am talking about.

JUST 30 SECONDS(or more if you want)

Now that you have hopefully only spent 30 SECONDS of your time getting yourself familiarized with this "Jerkin" movement, I can begin.

Here is the negative criticism that this movement receives from many people. I know people who say the same negative comments about "jerkin." When "jerkin" is mentioned, the first thing that pops into people's heads is, "Skinny Jeans!" Not in a positive way, but in a negative way. Although not everyone says it in a negative way, but those who hate this way of life definitely refer to it in a negative way. The picture above pretty much gives a somewhat of a good example of what this "jerkin" movement is about. I think that they exaggerated the skinniness of the jeans and the fact that they say that this style only requires Vans sneakers. I also think that the stutter shades and plugs are another unnecessary and ignorant comment, but setting those details aside...the illustrator did a good job with this illustration. Guys are constantly saying that these guys who wear skinny jeans are "gay" because they wear skinny jeans and that if your jeans are skinnier than a womans, that is a bad sign. To me it's a lot of BS, but it's their opinions therefore I respect them and their opinions.

O.k. POSITIVE SIDE. This is me and my opinions.

Would you rather have(from a fashion forward point of view) kids wearing skinny jeans and plaid shirts or shirts or even tighter tee shirts OR would you rather have kids wearing extremely exaggeratedly enormous jeans(that would most likely slip off their dad if he decided to wear them) and tee shirts that could be worn as a long dress? 5...4...3...2...1...0. Times up!!! Have you made your choice? I certainly did! I choose option numero uno(number one)! Kids wearing skinny jeans and shirts or tighter tee shirts. So much for fashionable and better looking. It certainly makes a better first impression than option number two. Getting off the topic of fashion, they're technically working out just by doing all the crazy dance moves that they do. Even when it comes to being healthy it's a better choice! I know their colors can be crazy and out there and just in-your-face type of colors, but I love it so much more than the enormous clothing that kids even consider wearing on a daily basis. I have nothing against the people who wear enormous clothing by the way...I am just saying that I would so much rather have kids wearing skinny jeans.

Seriously? How do you prefer baggy clothing over THIS?

I would like to thank whoever came up with this "jerkin" movement, because it has certainly inspired many to improving their wardrobe and definitely stay healthy!


J'aime said...

Seen many videos of people 'jerkin'. Its quite a cool style!
I'd probably want one of those rucksacks.


Carolina deWitte said...

Skinny jeans, fine. Underwear OVER skinny jeans, not so hot!! JMHO!

jsm0516 said... are tryin to get sponsored help us please!!

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