The Bright Blue Coat...

Such a cute couple. I was with my cousin in Boston waiting in the very long line to begin ice skating. This woman and her boyfriend(I am guessing) stood next to us. All I can remember was noticing her bright blue coat and thinking, "Wow! I have to shoot(take a picture) her and her boyfriend!" So I tell my cousin whose holding the camera if he would ask them with me to shoot them and he did. I think I might have startled them a bit, but I really wanted them to say yes. They were so startled at first, and when they finally agreed to doing it, they were nervous. At least the woman was. I gave them my card to prove that we were serious and we were not kidding about having a blog and that we would post this picture. That is always the first doubt people have when I ask, is this kid serious? I am happy and grateful that they accepted to letting us take a picture of them.

Like I said earlier, what caught my attention about this womans ensemble was her coat. I never really have time to observe the little details of a persons outfit when I ask them. Only after I take their picture and upload it onto my laptop do I get that opportunity. The bright blue color(I forget that color blues name) is what caught my attention, and it's good that it did because when I look at this picture over and over again, I notice the little details about the coat which I love. For example, the big buttons. I think they add a really chic personality and make the coat look a bit more tighter. I also love the brown leather boots! I love them so much!

Thank You so much for letting us take a picture of you for this blog!


the spectator said...

I think the blue is called cobalt.

Kate said...

I have a men's fashion question for you as it pertains to this blog. Please give me a shout at

Kate Brown

polka dot said...

I love this post, Michael, and love the shot. They both look so nice & I love her coat, too - it's so nice to see colour in winter - and their smiles. Like you said, when you see someone with a style you like you're not really thinking about the details, it's just an overall impression. So you probably weren't 'staging' the composition and yet, it's a really good composition! I mean, you couldn't have planned those two other people in the shot, and yet they're just right: that guy on the left next to the dark green box, and that tiny person in the background.. it all adds up to a tight triangle shape, with the Girl in the Blue Coat at the point of the triangle.

I think the colour is technically called cobalt, too, but I like to call it 'electric blue'. And it's funny I've seen it in London a lot last summer.

I saw a great post on advice for street shooting, will do a 'hats off to' on it later today. Thank you for your comment by the way! I'm amazed to hear they're not wearing skinny jeans in the states. I think I read that somewhere (Americans talking about British style) because I just assumed all guys were. Not so much when they're older (or out of shape) but it's pretty common in young fit guys.

'Fit', by the way, is a word they've been saying here for a while that covers just about everything: cute, sexy, whatever. It's like the old 'hot' in the States'. As in, 'he (or she)'s really fit!'

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