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I find myself forced to blog about this only because I am too excited about it and feel like part of venting my excitement is to blog about it. I mean...I have already told my ENTIRE family and jumped and almost cried and several other things. LOL! So I'm pretty sure that if you have been reading this blog in the past 2-3 weeks you would know that I attended a Bloggers event at Louis Boston and met tons of bloggers whose pictures I have been posting. the event a random woman approached me and asked me if I wanted to be interviewed for a magazine. I was so cool with it because who wouldn't love to be interviewed AND this woman seemed wicked amazing. She asked me several questions which I answered and then told me someone was later going to take my picture. I was like...AWESOME! When another woman taps me in the shoulder and tells me she is going to take my picture I'm like OK. She pulls me over to the spot you see in the picture and tells me to pose and since I am an awkward kid and not used to the spotlight...I pose awkwardly. I posed about 4 times and every pose was just terribly awkward. I actually thought I wasn't going to appear on any magazine simply because out of all the successful and great bloggers(legit) that were at the party mine would not be published. I thought WRONG because my blog was posted along with two other AMAZING(legit) bloggers who I truly admire and I had the pleasure of meeting and they were so cool. I was also featured along with a good friend(who I made friends with via the party/twitter) and she is such a social and amazing person. I honestly thank Stuff Magazine for featuring me in their online page and published magazine(which can be found for free across the city of Boston) and I must thank Louis Boston for allowing me to participate in their event.

P.s.- Click on the picture OR "Stuff Magazine" to check out the article!

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Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Sooooo.... Can I get your autograph? HELLO THERE MR. FAMOUS.

This is WAY cool. I love how it's at a legit fashion event. That just makes it, you know, more legit. I would be in hysterics, too. This is super, duper exciting! You're so glamorous, hahaha. ;)


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