You Shine Brighter In A Starlit Night...


I must say I feel very lucky to have shot this woman because I thought I was going to miss her. Originally she was across the street walking pretty fast to get somewhere and I was not going to run across the street after her ONLY to ask her for a picture. I saw my chance as soon as she crossed the street and BOOM....I asked her. What caught my attention about her ensemble(as you already probably know) was her skirt! It is so shiny! Even in the darkness of the night it shined. I love it. I also love how she simply let her skirt do the talking since she wore it with a black top and shoes. Her necklace adds a special something and complements her look.

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Dave said...

I will agree this is an amazing pairing. I will say she was walking fast because she was no doubt taking some extra time to look good for a special someone. I will tell you from experience if you like this pairing you would love to see the other outfits this amazing woman has in her closet. How do I know this? I am the lucky man she was rushing to meet.


InesT said...

Love the silver skirt <3
Have a fashionable day! <3
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