An Interesting Cardigan...



I was at the Brooklyn Flea Market yesterday and I came across this man who was leaning against the wall waiting for someone to buy from his booth/area. What intrigued me the most were his boots and his cardigan and I had to ask him for a picture. He was very nice and let me take a few shots of him leaning against the wall and such. I realize that as I continue to ask people for their pictures I am able to handle those situations in a way where the person feels comfortable and I get the shots that I want. My job gets easier the more I continue to do it.

It was my first time at Brooklyn Flea Market and I feel I must tell's a REVELATION! It was probably one of the coolest shopping experiences I have ever had. So many interesting old antiques which can be put to use. I concluded that I am going to go back and buy TONS of decorative items and decorate my home with them. If you haven't been to the Flea Market I strongly recommend you stop by if you are ever in New York. I will be posting more pictures on my first experience at the Brooklyn Flea Market and Brooklyn.

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