Earmuffs Must Have A Comeback...


Someone has to bring the earmuff trend back!

You cannot imagine my jealousy when I saw this woman and her super fluffy comfortable earmuffs. While my ears were already ice cold and almost falling off...this woman's ears were as comfortable as EVER! It didn't help that when I told her I liked her earmuffs she told me about how warm and comfortable they are. I am officially going to be on the lookout for my own earmuffs for next season...I don't want my ears freezing anymore than they have to.


1 comment:

Bostonista said...

This picture is AMAZING. What a great shot you got! I still wear big, dramatic, furry earmuffs every winter. People look at me like I'm crazy but man are they warm and glamorous!


PS: Do you have an iphone? If you do you should enter my give-a-way with confabulous cases, Michael!!


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