By Misha "Wishing Well" Spring/Summer 2013...

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The By Misha S/S 2013 collection was presented in a dance studio with the most spectacular view of New York City that I've seen. It also helped that the day was absolutely beautiful that day. Misha Vaidyas the designer behind By Misha the brand tends to design each collection based around a theme. The S/S 2013 collection's theme is called Wishing Well. The collection clearly reflects the theme by using a lot of chiffon and satin fabrics. Several pieces in the collection were also adorned with organza pearl flowers which further reflected the collections theme. The color scheme consisted mainly of pastel colors such as peach, mint, yellow, and white. Wishing Well was truly a romantic and well-designed collection. 

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Borjana said...

Woohoo,love,looove everything,honey!;)

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