What If: A Zombie Apocalypse Happened...

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Before I rant on the products listed above and why I chose them for a zombie apocalypse scenario, I would like to preface all of that by explaining the inspiration behind the post...

Recently my friend told me to watch The Walking Dead TV show and while I've never been a TV person (this is due to my TV-hating mother) I decided to give the show a chance. From the first episode I was HOOKED. I watched it for 2 weeks straight (which explains the lack of posting these past weeks) and then I posted "Clothing For A Zombie Apocalypse"...which then got me thinking about what I would want to wear during a zombie apocalypse.

 It's a given most of this clothing would end up soaked in zombie's blood and totally dirty, but that's the point! It's the reason I chose dark and tough clothing that could take a BIG beating. I also tried to choose clothing that I knew would look better with time because for all I know I could be wearing the same clothing for years.

TA-DA! This is my list of what I would want to wear should a zombie apocalypse happen...

1. Carhartt Beanie
2. Mismo Backpack
3. Maison Kitsune Denim Shirt
4. Penfield Plaid Shirt
5. Balmain Biker Jeans
6. Gap Leather Belt
7. Barbour Sunblast Jacket
8. Belstaff Roadmaster
9. L.L. Bean Boots
10. Clarks Beeswax Leather Desert Boots

A women's version of this post coming soon...

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