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For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram (FOLLOW ME @thetrendydwarf)...this is what I've been up to lately. I figure it should be a least a tiny bit important to keep you all updated on what I'm doing when I'm not studying for school or at work or failing at constantly updating this blog. 

From left to right from the top: 
1) My version of a selfie...except Maison Martin Margiela style (hopefully you get the reference). 
2) I was recently on the hunt for some quality leathers and fabrics for some personal projects that you WILL hear about in the future. 
3) I don't walk pointlessly around NYC often as often as I would like or used to when I first moved here a year ago...however when I do walk around pointlessly I tend to take pictures of nice things such as a Vespa outside a townhouse on the Lower West Side. 
4) If you're going to take a selfie at least do it right. "Could you take a picture of me....and....like not include my face in it?" is how I went about awkwardly asking my cousin to take a picture of what I was wearing for Mothers Day.  
5) Lately I've gotten back into skating. I don't know why so don't ask me. NYC is just a nice place to skate and has a few good skate parks so I figure why not. It can't hurt me. Actually...it can...because it already did. 
6) Saturday's Surf is such a chill place to be. It's literally my second place to chill at in NYC apart from           The Highline. I get a cup of coffee and hang out with friends. The vibes there are good and always super mellow. Always a great place to get away from the fast paced streets of NYC.

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