Some Streetstyle Pics From Faneuil Hall...


I was in Boston yesterday...specifically in Faneuil Hall and the amount of people there was outstanding! Of course there had to be so many people walking the beautiful streets of Boston, after all it is practically Spring time and the weather yesterday was about 57 degrees! I felt like I was at a candy shop and the people walking were the candy! There were so many people dressed with really cool ensembles! Mostly women though. Ughhhh! Why do women have to dominate the fashion scene?! Honestly, does it hurt men to simply wear more decent looking clothes?? Anyway, I felt like the luckiest kid alive because my batteries were almost dead and I began taking pictures like crazy! Then they died and I was like, "NO!!" So I looked in my camera case and there was ONE double A battery. I put it in my camera and it lasted for the remainder of the time. I would call that LUCKINESS.

What I like about this girls ensemble is her dress! The design on it was what mainly caught my attention from a distance. To be completely honest...she was no where near me at all! She was about maybe 50-80 feet away, but thanks to the super zoom camera I have, I was still able to shoot her! I also like how she isolates the design on her dress by wearing a black North Face jacket and black leggings. The leather boots are just really cool as well!

P.s.- Is it flu season already?! I have the flu right now and it's the worst sickness or disease EVER! I swear the worst sicknesses that one can have are strep throat because you can barely even swallow without it killing stinging your throat and the flu because it's just bad all over. So if I do not post or whatever(I am going to strain myself to posting for YOU) you can blame the flu for me not posting. Well, I am going back to sleep since I currently feel dizzy(I am sitting on a is it possible to feel dizzy?) and have a tremendous headache!

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Roz said...

I really like the pattern of her skirt (or dress?) It really stand out against the rest of her simple outfit. I'm wearing a lot of blue and cream at the moment, so I can appreciate this!
Thanks for the sweet comments.

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